I waited for so long for my 📚 in print to arrived, it did today, it was supposed to be the other day but you know it’s all good. I am proud of myself, I felt like my dream just came through…I can’t contain my excitement when I opened it, a little disappointed though because I ordered 3, one copies of each for me but it only had 2 lol. I’m not tripping though, just waiting for my other copies to come so I can send it to friends and family in exchange for a review on my book lol #shamelesslypromotingmybook

Shamelessly Promoting

Yup! that is right, I am shamelessly promoting my books that I have published at amazon kindle. I am still kind of used to the marketing aspect of the whole process but I am as you know decided to shamelessly promote my books. And I challenged myself to do this everyday as well. Thank you everyone


For more information:

type in my name (Suzanne Cruz Garcia) on the search bar (amazon) and you can see all the books that you can read and/or purchase.



Memories of the Rain

I remember back when I was little, when it was my birthday it always rained like every time. So I would just stay at home, we have food and stuff, not so many friends…I have 3 friends that became my sisters, since we were friends for a long time. It just reminded me of how innocent and lively my life was eventhough it was raining most of the time. Now as I look at the window, raining, thunder, and lightning. I’m not scared or anything but it just reminded me of that life I had that I quite forgot til today.

Literary Theme

In class today, I came across literary theme which is crucial when writing a story, and for me combinations of themes usually in my books, it just happened like that, I supposed. From good versus evil, to love conquers all, to overcoming adversity; such themes are always considered when writing a story, I sure do.


Thank goodness, I finally finished the book that I was writing, it was hard for me to end it and make room for the next generation but I think introducing the next generation at the end of the story is quite interesting because that was something I thought a lot for like a week or so but I finally finished it. Although 2 more books were finished and published (Blood Velvet and Teardrops of Blood) which is part of the never ending series of my novel Testarosa I am proud to say that everything is going really okay for now. Thank you to everyone, hopefully you guys have the opportunity to read it and write me a good or bad review lol, thanks again. or you can just type in my name on the search box adn you will find these books:

Blood Velvet

Teardrops of Blood

Teardrops of Blood (Testarosa Book 15) by [Cruz Garcia, Suzanne, Cruz Garcia, Suzanne]

Garden of Love

Garden of Love: Short Story (Testarosa Short Story Book 1) by [Cruz Garcia, Suzanne, Cruz Garcia, Suzanne]

Cursed of the Blue Moon

Cursed of the Blue Moon (Testarosa Short Story Book 2) by [Cruz Garcia, Suzanne, Cruz Garcia, Suzanne]

and the current book that I finished, I haven’t published it yet though at Amazon

Dark Horse

And I am also currently finishing a book in titled “Tokyo Affair” this book, I wrote 8 years ago with 20 original chapters.

Tokyo Affair

Tokyo Affair Cover

A rough draft of what I want for the front cover

also for other reference, for more information.

Thank you in advance

Over writing

I am currently working on a story that I had thought of a long time ago and wrote 13 chapters originally and now I am at chapter 52 trying to finish it so I can work on the other story. The problem that troubles me sometimes is that when and how do I end the story. I wanted to make sure that my readers won’t get bored in the end.

Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks in advance.