Shaking my head

Just to inform everyone, my book is in the process of editing and it was all good until my “book” decided it didn’t want the drawings for visuals that I put in the book, so, now I decided to just take it out and leave it as it is without the drawings. Hopefully this time my book cooperates lol.


It has been a while since I have written something here. It has been 3 long months…well it was due to my pregnancy and this time it is kicking my butt. I have been throwing up, sometimes all day, nauseous at something I smell and even the smell of my dogs makes me nauseous, what’s even worse is the smell of my dryer whenever I am drying clothes. There are a couple of times when I couldn’t even get up because of exhaustion. I never experienced this with the first 2 pregnancies I had so this is new to me.

Currently still finishing my 4th book which I am always excited about. Still on the process of editing so it will take a while because I want to make sure it is finished and polished.

Thanks for reading.


Sad Time

I don’t know what to feel at this moment, now that I finished my book and it is ready for edit. What interesting is that when I was about to open my document for me to send out, I couldn’t open it, it said that the document is “unreadable and corrupted”. I am angry, I wanted to cry. I invested my time with this manuscript and it just poof away. Also, even my back ups are not working. I guess the best solution now is to just write it again.

Self Care

As I am nearing to my course ending tomorrow, I thought about self care since we are talking about it this week. I believe Moms sometimes are guilty of putting others before themselves I know I am one of them, it shouldn’t be like that. I think mainly because sometimes Mom tend to think that they are being selfish, I, on the other hand has a different perspective. I am well aware of self care, I always think about it, sometimes I don’t even know I was able to do all the chores, caring for my small children and work I have because I am too exhausted.

I think of Self Care as a “reward” as suppose to be part of the process. Like for instance in my head “if I do this chore, I will be able to sit and relax and get some writing done” or “once I finished a chore, I will be able to read a book”. And it got me thinking that I should be able to at least do morning meditation like I did before I got married or had children. I used to do some rigorous exercises, now, walking helps, eating healthy also helps.

I think, if you at least do something for yourself, do something that you love and relaxes you, it will benefit you through out the day.

Unexpected New Ideas

I have all these new ideas for stories and its funny because they would always come out unexpectedly, either I am going to sleep, taking a shower, or in my dreams which usually I get most of my ideas. It never ceases to surpise me though all the time.


Been busy writing poems and finishing my next book and hopefully by the end of this month it is ready to be published. Tokyo Affair is the fourth book that I will publish and I am excited about. I am also planning on getting all my poems compiled, still haven’t decided when because as of right now, I am still writing more.

Thanks for the Support

I just want to take the time to say thank you for reading my blog, although I am not always here writing, lately it has been busy for me and it doesn’t stop. But also, I would love to give a shout out to my friends for taking the time reading my books and forget to write reviews lol, It’s cool. To my hubby’s support as well, always there and supporting me all the way.